About Us

The institute was established originally in 1991 to target the best solutions for all mathematical problems for academic and completion aspirants of central India

The new premises of the Target Mathematics has recently build with all best facilities and all required furnishings. The institute aims at providing excellent education and training for achieving sure success. The Target campus is the only centrally air-cooled coaching centre in Gwalior meeting the standards of metropolitan living and working.

Special care has been taken for adequate ventilation and lighting to avoid any strain or stress in teaching learning process.

Teaching boards and displays has been ensured for proper visibility. Hygiene, sanitation and pure water supply has been taken care of. Uninterrupted power supply is through electric generator set. spacious parking facility has been arranged for students.
The institute, since its inception has attained significant prestige regularly by giving record result and meritorious performance almost every year, and has become a name in Gwalior region.

Students are given periodical self evaluation through tests so that they know their level of study and preparedness. Besides the best mathematics solutions, additional classes and tests are arranged for students for their holistic performance and development. Target Mathematics is strongly equipped with best teacher of the subject and supported by administrative staff to ease the students and guardians. Students are given flexible opportunity to discuss the subject problems in easy way so that they get the best satisfaction and confidence in their preparation. Dear students, Nothing is impossible as impossible itself says I M POSSIBLE" Success starts with a thought or an idea and every stage in a student's life is a beginning of a new journey.

THE SECRET OF SUCCESS LIES "Not in doing what one likes but in liking what one has to do" "Firm must be the will, patient be the heart and passionate be the aspiration to secure the fulfilment of any high and lofty goal" A mentor can only map out and chart the best route to reach your destination, but ultimately you have to cover the distance in the right time to make your...... ......ORDEAL -A SUCCESSFUL ONE.

Wish you great success.